Henry the Gray on Art
"My human likes to do this thing she calls painting.  

"I don't know why.  It  involves a lot of tubey things that have colored cream that squeezes out; long, skinny stick things with whiskers at the end and white squares she calls 'canvases'.  She dips the stick things into the colored cream and puts it on these white squares.  And when she's done, she hangs it on the wall. 

"I allow her this amusing past-time, since it makes her happy.  However, it does take up a lot of napping space on the floor, which I've had to discuss with her on many occasions.  Nothing has changed, as yet, but I am hopeful.

"One time, she decided to do a portrait of me.  I was agreeable to that idea, as I am a very handsome fellow.  But when she unveiled the final results to me, I was not entirely impressed.

"The colors are too bright and there are swirly things all over.  

"Also, this looks nothing like me."