Henry is Four!!!
Here is my littlest little....  he turns FOUR tonight at 11:59pm!

This little guy is one of the reasons for this Patreon.  I want to be able to make my art in a way that doesn't cause my family added financial stress...  because of this Patreon we've been able to finally climb out of the soul sucking hole of never having enough to live on.  This really does help us...  we have breathing space.  Things have been a little less stressful.  A little more calm.  

Your dollar, or five dollars, or ten dollars, or twenty dollars, etc, has made a huge difference in our life.  Huge.  

I know I'm flaky.  I know my art isn't as amazing as it could be.  I know I flit from idea to idea and sometimes I fall short of expectations.  I really appreciate you coming with me on this journey.  

THANK YOU for being here.