Her Broken Dragon--a fantasy romance
I've been writing fiction--usually fantasy, often erotic--for several years know, but I've generally kept is separate from my polyam work. I've decided to stop being silly and making extra work for myself. So I'm migrating my fiction stuff to  it's own section of the Polyamory on Purpose site.

The fiction stuff is (at least for now) not part of the Patreon goals and rewards.  That might change in the future, but taking things one step at a time.

In the meantime, here's a short story. Enjoy.

Her Broken Dragon

Long has spent months recovering from an encounter with dragonsbane. When Nia recalls him to her service, they try to return to the life they knew. But the dragonsbane has permanently weakened Long. Can he find a way to serve his lady, or does Nia’s life have no place for her broken dragon?