Her Serenity, the Lady of Pain
UPDATE 5/11/2017 : DMsGuild notified me today that WotC does not want to make Planescape content to be available yet. Apparently incorporating the Lady of Pain into your Forgotten Realms or personal setting doesn't fly with them. She'll be available again as soon as WotC opens up Planescape for user content. Sorry everyone :(  

The Lady of Pain paper miniature is now available for free at the Dungeon Masters Guild here:

Her Serenity - the Lady of Pain 

This paper miniature was made possible by the incredible support of my patrons. Thank you gals and guys so much for allowing me to create these for our table-top community!

Quick reminder that the Lady of Pain is intellectual property of Wizard of the Coast which is why she is only available through the DMs Guild.

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