Sooo...You may have noticed the lack of posts for the majority of last week. I was sick, so I just took it easy. So, so sorry! Anyways, I finished quite a few paintings during my many hours of not being able to really do much else, so you can expect to see some of those the next few days! 

Now, about this painting. I had the idea randomly, and really wanted to paint it. Normally I don't have a specific image of how I want something to look before I make it, but for this, I did. And, I can can happily say, I think it turned out! It was done with mainly acrylic paint with some added copic multiliners for lineart and extra definition. On the sides you may see it looks slighlty smoother and more digital, and I have a very good reason for that, haha! When I took my photo of the actual painting to import it so that I could edit and post it here, I had trouble getting the paper completely flat. It is actually quite big, my sketchpad is floppy, and I had to take it in front of a window, so it was a bit...droopy in places? I had to just fill in the sides as opposed to cropping it down and missing the details on the corners. After matching the colors to resemble the actual painting more, it looks just like it does in real life!

Anyways, I hope you like!