Heralds of the Avirentes release: ver 0.10

We’ve finally released the first solid playable version of our game! Here’s the list of the content available:

Main Campaign:

- Prologue

- Beginning of Chapter One

Enemies you can confront:

- The ahnor (2 possible variations, depending on the choices)

- ??? (2 possible variations, depending on the choices)

- Group battle (???)

- Lanceleg (try to find the best approach)

Implemented features:

- Game impacting choices

- Each choice gives you certain bonuses

- Wiki and diary with first entries (wiki is still blocked)

- Role playing – the essence of every RPG is to play you role. Depending on your way of playing the game, some dialog branches can become inaccessible, but more other option may appear in different situation.

- Tons of dialogs (try to read them, not skip them)

- Main game mechanics: battle, interaction and exploration 

Enjoy playing our game! Please, report any encountered bugs, glitches and issue to out discord channel. Also, feel free to share your impressions and you can always discuss the game with the developer. Any great ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!

Are you ready for more? Stay tuned!

Game available by this link: https://mega.nz/#!D6YDGQLY!zbkRFt3fbGj-o9VssQ-9gEkrmtsosQJsUifkmvVtH3g

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