Here comes 2017!
Hey all.... I hope you're having a good winter break. My son's at his mom's for a few days, so I've been working on the mixes for the 4 tracks on the January EP.  It's 18 minutes, three of the tracks have vocals. Recording is almost done, there's still two spots that need some more of Shadow's viola; there'll be viola on all four tracks. It sounds great! You'll be getting a download with almost-finished-mixes soon.

What have I been working on? On Friday I recorded with Shadow. Over the last few days I've been tweaking the mixes with almost imperceptible level changes on the vocals ("this word needs to go up .4 db, this word needs to go down .3 db"), and working on the cover image. 

I have a question, and I'd love to read your thoughts.

As context, here is my idea for how I am going to release this EP.

My plan is to put it up for name-your-price at Bandcamp on January 20th. Simultaneously, I'll use Bandcamp to take pre-orders on the ultra limited edition CD-EP. I'm thinking 100 numbered copies for pre-order. + 50 copies for the band and press people. + 50 copies for my Italian distributor. And that's the entire physical edition. The EP will be available for streaming on all the regular sites, soon thereafter.

For me, the main goal of this release has been to stay active and MAKE MUSIC! I'm excited to have new music so soon after These fleeting moments. And it's all new material. Not remixes, or out-takes! I think the songs continue in the classic Blacktape vein, but lyrically they are different (more bleak, different topics).

Originally, I thought that I'd make this EP and maybe a couple of the songs would end up on "the next full-length." But of course, like a proud papa, I love every song on here, and I cannot  imagine not using any of them on the album. 

Of course, I realize the contradiction. Using every song would sort of defeat the concept (of tracks written just for the EP).

Ok... ok. So, my question.

If you bought the limited edition CD-EP for $10, would you have grumbly feelings, if the songs also turned out to be on the full length CD?

The main reason I plan to make a physical EP is because when I create a digital-only release, people always ask for CDs.  I want to have something for everyone. It's extremely limited. + numbered. + signed. In all honesty, selling these copies will only bring in enough to cover the costs of manufacturing and the mastering.

When the songs are on the full-CD, they will be within a larger context. And then again who knows how I'll feel about the track flow, and what fits on the full-CD. Some of these might be bonus tracks, or reworked a bit, or.... ?

I know, that was a bit rambling. Maybe the question is vague. Please give me your input.