Hi All, 

So as some of you may know- Ive been organising Dragnation for the last 2 and a half years.

I love it.....Why do I love it?

I blame the very first dragqueen I moved in with when I was but a twinky 16 year old.

Oh how times have changed!

Im older- not so twinky thats for sure!

In those younger carefree years when coming out in a rural area was not so easy, watching drag in Sydney at Stonewall and the Imperial was so inspiring.

These amazing performers werent afraid to be themselves- and if they were they didnt show it.

They gave me; at the scariest time on my life hope that one day I would not be afraid to be myself- and now im not.

So I think Dragnation is what I do to say thanks- I love providing that opportunity to Drag performers- maybe its me giving back to something they gave me.

Enough of the soppy shit- Toughen up here!

I work full time, I enjoy my work- but its not enought to cover my love of this hobby running the first Australian Wide all inclusive King, Queen and Bio Drag competition. 

Dragnation is so thankful for all the help from our sponsors over the last 2 years and the Venues that have seen this as an opportunity to also give something back to the community by providing that chance for a performer to travel around Australia showing people how to be themselves and not to be afraid. 

I need to keep going- I love meeting the perfomers- I love watching them grow in the Australian community - Im not too full of pride to say I need help.

Everytime someone signs up im sure a little Drag Queen gets her first weave or a little Drag King his first beard.

Lets keep Drag in Australia great and lets keep it coming- Cant do it without you