Here is our Tenome Haiga where the collaboration between a haiku poem and an illustrator come to life, 2016 style
Hi guys, so one day, while I was looking through our Yokai Yesterday archives, I was stuck pondering about the story behind the Tenome Yokai. Tenomes are an old man like creature with their eyes on the  palms of their hands instead of their eye sockets.

So than I decided to create a story through the form of haiku. I visualized two tenomes in an after noon baseball game in the baseball field at Yokai Academy. The Yokai academy institute is for higher spiritual learning for the Yokai who roam 96542, a spirit dimension in our story of Matsu. After creating the story, I showed my haiku to my partner/illustrator The Gooch, and he came back to me with an illustration of my haiku.


The Gooch told me that what we just accomplished was an ancient form of Japanese art called a Haiga (when a poet and an illustrator come together).  But living in the digital age, we use modern day technology to visually tell the story. 

So the Gooch and I created our own version of a Haiga 

And called it a Yokaiku

(Yokai+ Haiku)

And here is our Tenome Haiga! 

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