Here is your invitation to the PoP Warhammer 40k Group Build!
Hey guys, #patronsfirst !

The Paint on Plastic PoP Warhammer 40k Group Build is GO!

Start March 2018 to End April 2018.

Please finish a Warhammer 40k Miniature/Model. Yes, that's it!

Any model/mini you like! Any legitimate brand is fine including Forge World goodness! Any theme, any ANY! No questions, just answer with "any"!!

We don't mind if it's already started so this is also an opportunity to finish off that "quick" side project you didn't get around to finishing.

Or this could be your chance to try something brand new and explain your skills and know how with us AND have a bunch of fun. 

Prizes include;

You finishing a model and the prideful glow of accomplishment.

Backpats for being a Finisher!

Comraderie and chants of "One of Us, One of Us" will ensue!

Join in the Fun here;