Here we go.
So, this is pretty straight forward. I'm struggling, and I need help, and I'm prepared to offer awesome reasons for you to be that helper. You'll see reward levels and offerings in the right-hand column, and if there's anything you think I can improve on as we go along, please let me know. 

If you know me from Twitter , you may know that I have anxiety, and I'm learning how to navigate it, my triggers, and coping mechanisms. I've also recently begun opening up about the down periods I'm experiencing. One of the biggest factors in all of that is how much I'm struggling. 

I'm struggling financially. That's hard to admit, but there it is. I have been since 2012, but climbing out of debt is a slow crawl at times. Especially my debt.

My goals for this Patreon are to put a stop to the hemorrhage, continue to publish as I can, and save for a move to California so I can be with my girl. You can expect musings, rantings, snippets, chapters, and more, depending on the level you're able to pledge. 

I'm so glad that you're along for the ride. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you. (This post is public; future posts will be exclusive to my Patrons. :)) 

-- Molli