Here we go again...
Well, I can't use my laptop to draw anything, and I'm super sad about it! The power in my apartment building went off last night, and it seems to have broken my charging cable for my laptop. I'm tempted to just get a new laptop with monies I don't technically have, because this one I currently use for all my artwork is falling apart as it is, and it would suck to spend money ordering a new cable just to have my laptop fully break down itself in the near future. The screen's been cracked for awhile now, and the case is bending from opening and closing the lid... So, I'm looking at my options. Do I spend $50 on a charging cable? I'll sleep on it. I should still be able to continue using this tablet I have to post. There just won't be any new digital artwork anytime soon, sadly. Maybe I'll just have to get creative with my posts! ;)
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