Here we go. Here we go. Here we go-oh.
As I will be spending most of this weekend on the computer it seems a perfect opportunity to make an overdue start on this thing.

Exciting changes coming up for the Callaghan family and I think the best way to document these and keep you mob in the loop will be a regular Patreon update. I thank you for your patience so far and I need everyone's postal address as I have something to send you all. 

I am going to run this in 2 streams. Past and Present. The best way to tell the story of my life is probably chronologically. I have thought about how best to relay the essence of "me" and the person I am now and the person I have been in the past.  You need to know about my parents and siblings; the victories I have had; and the shameful moments. 

It will make interesting reading I promise you. 

The Present part will be a regular progress report on us starting out in business. Tracy and I have been given the opportunity on a 5x5 lease of a Local Post Office in the village of Wongarbon, approximately 13 k's from Dubbo. Tracy will continue to work as a teacher and I will be working hard to build up a small local business that has been left to die. 

The Post Office part brings in a guaranteed income every month which will cover the lease and one casual wage. There is an attached cafe and general store that is currently not earning any income and that is where we hope to earn some money. We want to create a community hub. A place where people can come and collect their mail, have a natter..put up a something on our noticeboard and maybe grab some milk or a coffee. 

Gradually over time as we see an increase in our income we want to host performer nights for locals. Poetry, music, drama. We want to let local artists use our shop as a free display hub where they can hopefully sell some items. We want to hold community dinners on special occasions. Rib Nights. Pasta Nights. Vegetarian Nights... We want to be involved. We want to be part of Wongarbon.  And we are going to put it all up here for you guys to follow along. 

Now STFU Chris and let me skin this cat.