Here we go, launch time!
I'm super excited to launch this project after working off-and-on for the past couple of months! We'll finally be able to capitalize on a funding project to provide more for the community: more opportunities to spread word about what we're doing, more help for those who want to start making games, more ways to showcase our games, etc. – in the cases of projects like the arcade cabinet and new shirts, some of these things are over a year overdue! Big props to Patreon, too, for providing an option that allows PIGSquad an entirely optional membership due with easy access and an appealing format. I had a lot of trouble thinking about how to fund some of our projects and some of my time in a way that would still allow our events and resources to remain free, and being able to step back and build up this template ended up being the way to go! So enjoy the project, its rewards, and its benefits! Please let me know if there are any problems with this project or if you have comments about our community (whether you're in town or online). Share PIGSquad with your world, and don't stop making games! ***as a logistical note, rewards will be delivered the following month and/or after information is gathered about what sort of reward you are interested in, which may depend on the reward you've chosen