Here's a Cool Building I Saw in New York
Wow! What a weekend. What a crazy couple of weekends, honestly. I have had a blast on the last couple of trips, but NYC was memorable for a lot of reasons.

I went courtesy of my best friend (by far the best birthday present I've received ever since I got a horse when I was 11, by the way ;) ). We saw my favorite musical on Broadway for the first time, visited Alexander Hamilton's house, walked Times Square at night, and visited Central Park all in a matter of a day and a half.

Maybe more importantly than all those things (and certainly more relevant to the rest of you), I did a LOT of research for my novel-in-progress. I have a much better sense of setting. I walked the streets on which the novel takes place. I found my characters' favorite pizza place, figured out what kinda of vehicles they drive, watched how people interact with one another, and listened to the dialogue around me for an entire weekend. I have a newfound sense of realism to add to my fictional novel and, when you all get to read it, I hope that shows.

Here's to weekends and the amazing experiences we can have in the company of good friends. <3