Here's my papa and I singing one of his songs together! Enjoy
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SURPRISE, my dad and I made, not one, but TWO videos when we were last together!!!

This creation is one of his original songs, called Traveller's Song. It has inspired me since I was really young, and speaks so much of the wisdom I have come to hold dear in my life. Plus, I'm in it, which is so cooooool! No more to say, the lyrics and the video will tell it all...

We hadn't played together in some time, so had one or two hiccups in the performance, hehe. BUT, the feeling and the vibe was totally there, and I couldn't leave without sharing this with you all!


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Lyrics for Traveller's Song:

Now I've been a traveller, moving all over

Visiting countries I'd only read about in picture books

From India to London and sunny California, I tell you

Ain't nowhere better than sitting where I am

Wonderful countries, wonderful people

Signs of the times for the brotherhood of man

Meaning, deep down gut feeling

Feeling, they give it to me

Had a fine woman, she was young and a learning, she was

Young and a learning, she was tender and caring

I thought wiser than I could find

Gave us two fine sons they, keep my world turning, they

Give me meaning and that's a real delight to me

House at the seaside and fireside lamplight

Mountains and fruit trees, well that feels alright to me

Meaning, deep down gut feeling

Feeling, they give it to me

See the young child walking and a'talking

See the bring sun's beam, sparkling as he goes

And his young brother, hear them both together

Laughing and a'laughing that's the finest symphony

And the young mother, she baring her breast for

Lucinda, my daughter, being the youngest of three

Meaning, deep down gut feeling

Feeling, they give it to me

I thank the good lord for his consistent giving

He never changing, he been loving and always the same

A caring father, he helps with my life/work load

And when it's too heavy I tell you now he be carrying it all

Loving's not easy, who said it would be?

All that you put in is, is what you get out

Meaning, deep down gut feeling

Feeling, they give it to me

Final words:

As most of you know, I'm heading offline for a while (CLICK HERE for the video with details if you missed that news). If I DO have anything I desire to share, it will most certainly be here on Patreon. I can't promise anything though, I need to totally let go of expectations for now, both my own and yours. So, if you feel that you need to remove or decrease your pledge during this time, I completely 100% understand and support you in that! 

I am excited, nervous, delighted, scared and surrendering to this whole experience. Here we goooooooo!

Tomorrow evening I fly to a far-off land I have never visited before, with my guitar Melody, my sexy Eagle Creek backpack and my brand new notebook!


Love to you all, I wish you well on your journey.

Thank you for existing, you delight me with your presence.



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