Here's what I actually turned in
This week has been a real test of my faith. This journal entry may be more personal than you were hoping for but it is all that is on my mind and definitely relates to organizational communication. I am a divorced father of two amazing sons. I tailor my life around being able to be involved in theirs. Their mother has remarried and has a new child and my oldest child has strongly encouraged me to be active in this child’s life as well; and I have put forth as much effort as politely possible to do so. I am happy to interact with my children’s mother and her new husband, although it is not my favorite past time to do so. The mother has been excellent at keeping me involved and informed in our children’s lives over the past six years we have been divorced. Now life is more demanding and involved as my children’s lives become more rich and complex and the new child and husband demand much more of everyone’s attention and my inclusion has become much lower priority. I have had to deal with missing out on organizing and putting together my children’s birthday party this past weekend and with spending Halloween with them. My ex-wife made her new husband matching best dad ever halloween costumes with my oldest son. I did not accept these events with a Coke and a smile. My courier company is undergoing structural changes that I was trying to delay until after I finished my degree. Business connections with my bandmate Vanessa in California are experiencing delays; but on an up note we are going to be able to perform here in Oklahoma just after my birthday and Thanksgiving. I am excited to be performing in Oklahoma again with her and with new material. My old material is sad and depressing and the music of pain. This new material is exciting and filled with rage and pain and, well it is the same old song with a brand new verse. I am organizing my father’s 70th birthday party for tomorrow, Saturday the fifth. It is to be a surprise party and all of his brothers and sisters are coming into the state to see him. The family only usually comes together for funerals. It has been five years since the passing of my mother and this is the first time to get to see all of my aunts and uncles together since her funeral. We weren’t really paying attention to their company then. My passion has always been art and music. I have learned that I need to learn business to be able to make money with my art and my music. My faith in the Lord’s plan to have me here at MACU has been questioned constantly while I juggle these life lessons in humility among all the other theories and concepts we have been studying over the past couple months together. I know that I am extremely grateful for all I have been able to learn from our studies together thus far. In closing I would like to also note that the Cubs won the world series and Donald Trump is a presidential candidate….and if everyone else did not notice that too I would really think that my cheese finally had slipped off of my cracker.