Here's what's coming up from me
Hey folks! I just want to let everyone know what I'm working on!

This weekend I've been Huskie sitting. Monday or Tuesday all patrons here will get access to a post with all the doggo pictures from this weekend. Non-patrons will only see highlights on Facebook and Instagram. 

Later in the week I'll post pictures from Kensico Cemetery. This is a beautiful historic cemetery in Valhalla, NY (Westchester county) with many beautiful graves and mausoleums from different time periods from founding in 1889 to the present. set in the beautiful rolling hills of a former farm. Patrons will again get a full compliment of pictures, while my favorites will be available to the public on Facebook and Instagram.

Tomorrow, Monday August 21st, I'll be driving from my Aunt Lisa's in Valhalla, NY to Peaks Island, ME where my Aunt Jennifer lives. There I'll be watching my cousin Otis for a couple of days, as well as dog sitting on Friday night and Saturday morning. I love Maine- it's the one state other than Pennsylvania I could see myself ending up at. In addition to visiting family, babysitting, and dog sitting, I'm hoping to get some writing done, take lots of pictures, and enjoy being on the island. I lived in Bar Harbour, ME on Mt. Dessert Island for a year as a child, and it never got out of my bones. My uncle Ben is a professional photographer, so we will see if I learn anything while I'm there on that account too! I'm sure I'll have some more content, both public and patron only, from this leg of my trip as well. 

As for more regular work, I have several blog posts for the Cracked Mirror in Shalott blog I'm hoping to get written in the next several weeks. One of course will be about what I'm doing now- both captioning and Patreon- and why. I'm also going to write posts laying out what I'm planning with my next several goal projects. Look for a post about the Disability Twitterchat Calendar, my strategy for it, and why I think it's important to do soon. I'll also write similar posts about the Disabled Youtuber playlist curation project and the Menstrual health social stories which is the first step towards the sexual and reproductive health peer education work I'm hoping to do. 

As for posts that are things in and of themselves, I'm hoping to write some short posts about both policy advocacy and direct action and how they can each be useful. I know these have both been done by other people, but I got a few comments that I had to delete in response to my post about participating in civil disobedience that made me want to write about why it's not wasted effort. 

As for blog posts elsewhere, I am working on a post about how sexual health and reproductive justice issues are different for disabled folks. This post I'm hoping to shop around paid places.

Finally for this update, look for an announcement of my gaming streaming schedule for September soon! 

You can join my Discord at - while there are a few patron only channels, there are also plenty of public channels on my discord that you can enjoy. This includes one for us all to share adorable animal pictures. 

Lots of love and support back to all of you!