Here's where it all got started
After having a farming and gardening friend and mentor from my teen years, I was given a love for earthworms and so I wrote a song "The Earthworm Song" all about these amazing creatures. That was back in the 1990's when the only person who heard it sung and played was my son Max. Fast forward to 2009 when I was able to record it, wrote out the lyrics and realized I had enough information to write a whole book (well a picture book at least) aimed at young children, hoping they too would develop a love for them. The recording turned into many hand-drawn illustrations and also a recorded narration that is included with the book on a CD.

With some help I got it put together, printed several hundred copies and got it up on I had several other book ideas, some partially drawn and written so I decided to become an independent publisher, purchased several ISBN numbers (which are those 13 number marks and barcodes on all published searchable books) so they could be publically released and sold. LovelyPrevinPublications was born!