Herly Mound : "Another project"
So, after wrapping up Batman and the Prank Doctors (I'll make a proper update going over the past month) I've been moving on to Pawn Pawn and "another project" ... well this is the "another project" : Currently titled "Herly Mound".

The basic premise : On a small island, off the coast New Hampshire, is the small quiet fishing community, the town of Herly Mound. It's about as simple as a town can be, it has a local library, the local school includes all grades, the town hall, there's a sea-side market, as well as other small shops and restaurants. 

The one obvious standouts of the community are Culu (or "Lu" for short), a young tentacle-headed middle schooler and his awkward bookish pal Howie. Culu and his single parthenogenic parent Nug moved to Herly Mound from the planet Vhrool (of the 23rd nebula). 

If it isn't abundantly clear already, this is spin on the story of C'thulhu and HP Lovecraft. The name Herly Mound comes "R'lyeh" the corpse-city where C'thulhu was discovered by some unfortunately seafarers. This location was also mentioned in "The Mound".

If it's also not clear already, this is in NO WAY animated version of existing HP work. It is loosely based off of and has many references to it. It also includes references to Bloodborne and other Lovecraft related works...that's the plan anyway.

It's meant to be coming of age story of a young outsider, set in a quaint simple place: the trials of dating, dealing with bullies, adolescent growing pains... however, the goal is for the story to progress into a clearly more bizarre direction. 

The plan is to have some short world building toons to introduce the characters and world. And if things progress to begin the first story chapter, basically the events that lead up to the "Lunar Ball", a super special school dance to celebrate a lunar event that occurs only once every 1000 years. From there, the plan is for the story to get really weird.

That's about it. Just wanted to finally talk a little about the project considering I've had it under wraps for some time. I'll def be keeping folks updated on the project while I'm working on both this and Pawn Pawn.


M <3