Hermione and the Quarter Life Crisis
You know, I have a hunger.

As a middle-aged black woman with a history of weirdness, awkwardness, and nerdery, I can tell you that there is a woeful lack of representation when it comes to black whimsy, or blackness in general (which is another post all together).

When it was announced a black woman (actress Noma Dumezweni ) would be filling the role of Hermione Granger in the stage production of The Cursed Child, I was over the moon. Hermione! Black! YES! 

Despite the predictable clutching of pearls and the crying of milky white tears, the production went on, and was a success. Who'dda thunk it? A bushy-haired Hermione, grappling with slurs like "mud blood" being thrown at her in her years at Hogwarts, black. It's almost like it makes too much sense, right?

As far as I'm concerned, that shit is canon. I also have decided the Targaryens in the world of Game of Thrones are silver-haired, violet-eyed black people because think about how much better that detail makes the story, and how much more the story makes sense that way, but I digress.

I'm happy to discover a new web series that opens with a 20-something Hermione Granger (played by actress Ashley Romans), having just broken up with Ronald Weasley and apparating into Parvati Patil's (Sinead Persaud) apartment for some refuge and sisterhood. Bonus: The show is not at all lacking in representation of POC.

The pilot is a delight, and I look forward to diving into the rest of the series.

For Potter fans, and lovers of black girl magic, give it a watch. I've linked the pilot episode to this article, so you have no excuse.