Hermitcraft Recap season 5 Week 1 and who to blame for it ;)
Heyo pretty people!! I am incredibly proud and happy to present to you something Pixlriffs, I and all of you have accomplished last week - a proper thoughtout and hilarious recap of all hermitcraft vanilla videos released on the first week of the server!

That's 79-80 videos 14-20 minutes long each, watched trough, condensed and retold in an easy to consume form plus a good dozen of jokes that are... ok I suppose. Yeah, comments tell me they're funny as hell, I'll instead leave it to your judgement. 

Not going to lie, even with Pixlriffs taking half the grindwork on the video viewing and script writing, this took pretty much my entire weekend, what with downloading the clips, writing the script and stitching it together, and even rendering the thing. And I wouldn't be doing this if not for you, the select few who decided "meh, this guy is alright I guess". It's no secret that this patreon page is pretty much responsible for the show's entire budget XD

Still, despite all the hoops we had to jump trough, this might be the best episode of the Recap yet. At least in my humble opinion. 

And if anyone asks, you are as much responsible for it, as I am! So we'll go down together in case I screw up hahahaahhaha... no wait, that's not true at all. huh.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, keep being awesome, thank you for your support and sniff you later ;)