A Hero At Heart~ Novel by Theresa Stinnett
This is the front cover of Theresa's novel, A Hero at Heart.

Here is the plot synopsis of her latest story:

Emiline lives a common life in a tiny, country town during the late 1800's, but her big imagination sweeps her away to distant lands full of fair maidens, danger and heroism. She dreams of doing something brave someday: saving a life, finding a treasure... but does she really have what it takes? As she is faced with needy neighbors and the school bully whom she has learned to hate, her courage is put to the test. Does she have what it takes to step out of her comfort zone and reach out to the poor? Worst of all, can she find it within herself to swallow her pride and help her enemy? Facing her worst fears and her own faults, she turns to God for help. Ultimately, she learns that Jesus is the greatest hero of all.

Her book will be available on Amazon.com soon! Stay tuned for updates!