#HeroesUnleashed with the Team of Tango Down Film
Rick Swift is a Marine Corps veteran who founded the movie review site Filmgrouch.com.  Rick is a writer and social media guru whose commentary has attracted fans in hundreds of countries world wide. He is raw, witty, funny and entertaining while telling you like it really is. Rick reminds us that there are still people out there that you can get behind. 

Andrew Dorsett lives to serve. His time as a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps deepened in him that looking out for his teammates, his Marines, all while pushing them was something that he was uniquely built for. Andrew leads with the intuition of a Leader who has seen challenges up close but has overcome them time and time again. 

William Condon is a Marine Corps veteran and film maker whose passion for movies led him to film school. With a Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. William is taking on the challenge of an actor in this project, but with the trained eye of a film maker.  

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