Hertz Nazaire 2017: énigme
Hertz Nazaire | énigme

show opens at the State Capitol in Hartford, CT 

Febuary 15 - 28 2017


Hertz Nazaire | énigme

Hertz Nazaire was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and has been painting and sharing his love for art in Bridgeport, Connecticut for over 20 years.  Working mostly with colorful oil pastels on board often depicting subjects influenced by Haitian Culture and History, and Life.  

Nazaire was born with Sickle Cell Anemia a painful illness which has motivated him to paint about pain and to strongly question a human’s ability to learn compassion and feel empathy which he explores and hopes to inspire in his art.  

His award winning Sickle Cell Awareness series has been published around the world in medical books and magazines promoting education and awareness of the disease.  Nazaire has lost part of his eye sight due to the effect of Sickle Cell Disease but has pushed himself over the years to continue to draw and paint with limited vision affecting how he sees the world and how he create a composition.  Today he continues to seek new ways to express his art and continues to advocate and speak publicly about the much needed awareness of Sickle Cell Disease and Science education in his community. 

His new exhibit énigme (enigma or puzzle in french) is focused around a new series of work which explores the artist’s love and admiration for the power, the resilience, the beauty, and the mystery of black women.  The puzzle elements are a new direction being explored by the artist with some of the work create to hide layers upon layers of hidden messages and secret questions.  Do not miss ‘énigme’ opening in Hartford, Connecticut in February 2017.



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