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HESSIAN vs. STANDARD GERMAN - Me speaking Hessian
Hey rabbits!

Time flew by! It's been 5 months since we moved from Hamburg to Frankfurt, which means that we now live in the state of Hesse (Hessen). The people, the weather, the environment - everything is a bit different. But do you want to know what took me the longest time to get used to? The Hessian dialect!

I love the Hessian dialect, but I don't always understand people here. And they don't understand me. Which is why I did some research about Hessian: the pronunciation, the slang words, the melody of the sentences... And what I found out is what I want to share with you in today's video.

But not only will I compare the Hessian dialect to Standard German, I'll also try to speak Hessian in the end of the video. So watch the whole episode to hear me make a fool out of myself! :D

Apart from that: Have fun and let me know your thoughts! 

PS: Missing autograph letters coming soon! :)