Hex In The City: A New Project
Hello everyone, and happy friday! I've recently (i.e. as of about 10pm last night) started a new illustration warm-up project I'm excited to share with you all. It's tentatively titled Hex In The City (my husbands idea), a series of character illustrations with accompanying mini-fictions, all based around urban witches. I needed a good way to keep my illustration and writing skills sharp while I'm in the early stages of various freelance projects, and this seemed like a good fit.

You, my amazing patron, will gain access to these illustrations and stories way before anyone else gets to see them. I don't know how regular they'll be (it's sort of a 'whenever i feel like' project), but I've got a growing list of witches I want to design, so there will be a good chunk of them at least. I'll post the first right after I hit post on this.


Warmest Regards,

Ethan M. Aldridge