Sorry for the lack of updates! I just moved with Mariah. We're still unpacking. I'm currently sleeping on the floor until my new bed arrives Monday. 😭 ALA is next weekend and I haven't even started on what I need to make. I still need to make that twerk video for you guys. I'll be doing it today or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay! I still need to send out everyone's prints! Since I moved that backed me up even more! I'm so sorry about that I'm going to try and have everything shipped out before ALA! I also have an event every weekend for 3 weekends straight and I'm freaking out because I have nothing done for any of them 😰 So please bare with me. I love you guys! Also not to mention I work 7 days straight.. 8 hour days.. when I could be using that time to work on cosplay but booo. Lol 😭😭