Hey gang my muscles are recovering
Just touching base to let you all know that I will be back on my bike streaming Zwift on Monday, maybe even Sunday Night. I had decided to take this week off the bike to allow full recovery in which this has been the longest Ive been off of a bike since I started riding. Of course, I ride to the bike shop every other day just to check in but it isnt like riding 70-100 miles or climbing 15% inclines. 

Over the last few days I've put down a lot of food, tons of fruits and veggies and I've done a lot of stretching and working out in our gym. It has been a while since I used the gym other than to wash our bikes as I was fully focused on the reshape of my body for faster riding. It's time to work on the top half again so from here on out I have to include some Gym workout time on top of riding. When I return to riding Sunday night or Monday, I will start up slowly so not to pull any muscles right off the bat and proceed to progress through the week. The pain has lowered a lot in my legs and I hope that by the time I start up that all is fine, fingers crossed. Now on to tomorrow and Thursday.....

We will be on the road a lot tomorrow maybe a little bit of filming for some YouTube videos, who knows; either way it'll be a fun day or two out and about.

On the most important note:

I want to thank all of our Patrons for the awesome support. Without you awesome, amazing people; I dont know what I'd do sometimes. Hugs, Thanks to the following and we love you.