Before you make any pledges, I'd wait for at least another month while I make sure the files I'm uploading are as good as I want them to be.  This is just a test drive right now, so some of these files won't look the way they actually would if I decide to stick with Patreon (for instance, I'll get rid of the cover pages for the digital downloads, and go back through to make sure all the fonts are consistent and everything).

I'm also trying to figure out whether I can actually charge per download or if I'm going to have open tiers depending on how much you pledge.  I'd LIKE to go with the first option, simply because I'd like to avoid having people pledge for one month and then leave when they've downloaded everything (since I don't write particularly fast and sheet music isn't exactly something that you can serialize). 

Anyway.  Here's to a grand experiment!

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