Hey Guys Check Out My Old, Embarrassing Games
The finished Welcome Video will cover this, but my first tries in making games were around 2006, when I made a few things in RPG Maker~

It's embarrassing to look at... they are filled with graphics ripped from other games, and edited sprites... that was just the way things were in them early RPG Maker days, you've gotta believe me! 😖 (still ashamed about it, though;;;)

At least, I understood even then that I wanted art of my characters to be featured in my games.  My drawn character portraits are still something I'm proud of, even if the art is dated, what with it being from 10 years ago and all, lol;;

...God, I was a young teen, please forgive me for this dialog. 😰

The fantasy game above wasn't my only project, of course!  I also had this magical girl game that took place in the modern day, about a young woman who comes into contact with a magical fairy realm and fights badguys. (ง’̀-‘́)ง

More ripped graphics, more edited sprites............. 😑 ...At least, I take some comfort in personalizing a great deal of the UI, and manually putting together my own, action-oriented, non-RPG-Maker-like battle systems. ⚔️


Moving away from RPG Maker, I also played with Flash for a bit.

I made this Pokemon Trainer Creator, which you can still play on DeviantArt today (on an old, now-unused DA account and everything...).

There is also this cupcake dress-up-style game that I did over a single weekend game jam, using Stencyl back when it hadn't yet entered open beta (incidentally, it's because I had those old RPG Maker games to show that I was accepted into its closed beta testing.  Everything that you do matters, my dudes!).

This is the same game I featured as an example way back in this post!  It's definitely the cutest color palette out of all of these, soft and sweet like what I hope to create today~ 💖 I've fallen out of love with crisp, vectored graphics, though, and am much happier digitally painting the graphics for my games, same as how I create any of my other art~ 🎨

I'm really happy to have shared these screenshots and old projects!! 🤗  I've actually been meaning to write up this post for ages, lol, and it's nice to have it finally out there! 💞