hey guys please read and update
First of all thanks for the support always!! 

2nd. ok im sorry for the lack of updates here. I'm not the best at the patreon thing. i usually just try to keep up and make content, keep up with streams etc. so in the future i may start doing raw sorta update vids for you guys instead!! mainly as it almost easier than typing to be honest.

3rd.  Any patreon that watches my stram at 5.00  a month! can pick one retro game you want me to play on a stream a month.. just whisper me or put it in chat.. ill play what ever.  again it optional but please dont hesitate to ask!!! if i had like 1000 patreons this could be maybe an issue but i dont so yeah feel free! sometimes on my streams i might be into something but usually im casual so i can get to it.

(also if you don't pledge 5 a moth I actually don't care, ask)

4th updates.. my next review
early this month i went into a new review I actually made a lot of headway on it.. however.. IT GOT HOT AS HELL weather wise and i couldnt stand to work on it or anything really for a few days..

still as it stands i really just need to do the live shot segments! then should have every thing i need but  the live shot stuff has some oddities in the script so its not just a simple matter of shooting it and ive been thinking how to do it. still gonna hope to try to get to it Friday.  still I know this vids taking a bit longer but it  has evolved to big project level. trust me im working on it though and again alot of it is really already done.  ill keep you updated though

5th.. other videos.. sammich called me out if you dont know sammich his channels great. hes got low subs and very very low views for how good his vids are..
here's his info

anyway he shouted me out in 'scooter shooter' and stuff. and he often does reviews of games I  sometimes suggest for his arcade adventure show , like his new 'black panther' video which  at the end he called me out to play some shitty game!! and talked some shit about me  haha.  so i recorded a LP. as sorta a response actually just yesterday. here is a 1st edited draft/cut of that that  !!

^I may not put this out yet and its def not done still i think i might sit on it and start over/ try to do a 'under ten min' video parody of his 'arcade adventures' videos  on this game.   then release  a tighter more finished version of this 'lets play' later still maybe check it out though. as i know i havent posted a lot this month. again its the weather, streaming more than i should and general IRL stuff and this review turning into  a 30 minute /bigger project than it was originally. i know i said/ i wanted it out start to finish 3 weeks last time i mentioned it but again its kinda evolved but ill keep hacking away hopefully late this month or early next!