Hey, I wrote a new song.
Okay, getting back in the saddle. I wanted to write a disaster song, about the worst possible thing that could happen to our civilization. Of course, there was only one possible thing this could be. Losing your internet connection. THE WRECK OF THE INTERNET The internet went down and the only sound You could hear were people cursing all around Yelling at their tablets, screaming at their laptops Some just sorta mumbling n’ looking kinda lost Saying “God why have you forsaken me now?” The day the internet went down Some stared at their screens sadly and forlorn Perverts sat there awkwardly waiting for their porn Some noticed other humans and even tried to talk But without emoticons the meaning just got lost The internet disappeared, n’ all our greatest fears Times a million zillion trillion suddenly appeared Some people panicked so much that they ran outside Where they noticed this strange glowing orb up in the sky They gazed at it in wonder as their eyes began to sear The day the internet disappeared To everyone around it had become obvious That this was the beginning of the apocalypse Every person for themselves …then somehow it got fixed But let me tell you folks, it was a scary ten minutes