Hey patrons, you joined at the right time!!
Hey #TripTeamFam .. As you guy know I've been experimenting with posting videos since the whole Youtube debacle. As you guys have seen, I uploaded some videos a few days ago from google drive and a couple days later they removed them!! So me and my team had a huge 6 hour meeting on Friday and we figured it all out!!! You guys are going to be the lucky ones for all your endless support. What we are going to do is this... Reviews,unboxings,vlogs etc. will be on the youtube channel (TRIPTEAM WILLY) but all the good stuff will be "EXCLUSIVELY" available to my patrons!! All new extractions, grow teks, fruiting methods even my old videos etc. will be all yours and yours only!! These videos will not be released anywhere else or to anyone other than the patrons that show me that love every month. How we are going to do this, is like this .. When new videos come out, I will make a post including a free download link through mediafire.com (Which I pay $40 a month for and I can only do that because of you guys 😘) and then you can click the link and download the new video. There will be 4-6 videos released every single month just for you guys instead of one video a month. This is going to be awesome for you guys and me. I am also going to upload all the old videos I have saved and release them this upcoming week with download links just for you guys (including DMT extractions, Monotubs, Truffles and whatever else I have saved). I am also releasing new videos this week to both you guys and youtube. You guys are going to get a BRF bulk video and youtube will get a vlog/unboxing of PooGod.com manure based substrate. This is going to be so awesome and there will be no more issues with videos being removed or not playing. Make sure you guys don't share these links because you guys earn them for all your support. You guys rock and I hope your excited for all this awesomeness about to come #TTF