Hey, Thank You
Hey friends! This month has been a good transitioning month. Now I feel as settled as I'm going to for the next 4 months in Louisville. I just wanted to thank you for all your help the past 9 months or so that I've had a personal Patreon. There's been a couple times this month were my checking account was around that $30-50 range when I was in between jobs. So I am very thankful for your support no matter how small, it definitely helps a lot. Most the money from my Patreon goes into hosting my website, which is how I get a good portion of my work. Just booked a tour for a week in March with a band! So thanks for helping me professionally and creatively whether that's directly or indirectly, I appreciate it.

Somehow I have aggregated 5 part time jobs whether that's Patreon, Mr. Feels work, editing for like 9 outstanding clients right now, doing different kinds of shoots at courthouses, family portraits in freezing Wisconsin, concerts, and engagements & weddings. And now I've picked up a teaching job with a Non-profit in Indy to teach storytelling and media at schools in underdeveloped areas. I'm piloting a lesson in a school next week, which I'm super excited for! Somehow it hasn't gotten too overwhelming because work is typically spread out. But with taking 18 credits and traveling frequently, I don't have a lot of extra time on my hands. So personal video projects here may look shorter like the last video I put up here haha! Thanks for everything!  

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