Hey there! (August 11, 2016)
Hi, everyone! I'm Fiona, and this is my very first post here on my Patreon! I'm just getting acquainted with this site, so, it may take a few days to get things going, but here's a few get-to-know-you facts about me!:

**I have been designing since I was about 7 years old, though I didn't know then that fashion and costume design was an actual job I could do for a living.

**My first piece of clothing was a sheath dress for one of my Barbie dolls.

**I wanted to be a bio-medical engineer until I was fifteen, then I decided that I wasn't nearly as passionate about science and math as I needed to be, or nearly as good at it. I then changed my career goal to Fashion and Costume Designer.

**I have done costume design and fabrication for 10 theatrical productions since 2006. My first production was Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus, and my most recent one was a mostly female cast production of Taming of the Shrew (I also played Hortensio, Petruchio's best friend and suitor to Bianca).

**I am a huge fan of musical theater, and am guilty of having gone to shows just to see the costumes. My favorite musicals are Wicked, Hamilton, Man of La Mancha, Into The Woods, Sweeney Todd, and Sympathy Jones.

So! Onto the business portion of this post! I will be posting my WIP's (works in progress) here, and on my Instagram, twitter, and tumblr (@fionamorrigan on both accounts) on Tuesdays, and my patron posts will be on Fridays (finished product, though not necessarily the WIP I featured). My first WIP post will be Tuesday, August 16th, and my first final product (for Patrons only!) will be on Friday, August 19th!

Thank you for your time and thank you for your patronage!