HeyROB! fitV: Episode 4 Seizing the Moment
Can't ever let an opportunity slip away. Improving the body everyday.
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This is what I'm most excited for. I love to connect to people and hear different points of views.

Can't wait to talk to you guys!!!


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Check out everything that happens on and off stage. Get a look at everything from my sightseeing adventures, drum videos, fitness stuff to hanging out with my family or my band or friends in other bands. I also have tons of videos in the archives that span my whole career. Exclusive stuff that isn't available on Youtube. 

Can't wait to share this stuff with you guys!!!

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As a drummer, there is nothing I get asked more than, "Hey Rob! Can a get a drumstick?!" 

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Every Month I will choose 2 people, who sign up to this tier, to receive a one of a kind item. It can be a cymbal that was used on one of the ETF records, stage clothes, clothes that have been in the album covers and posters. Even stuff signed by some of my favorite artists. I love nostalgia and I hate parting ways with some of this stuff, but I can't be selfish anymore. Here's your chance to own a piece of history

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