HF Patch for KK v3.5 (mods up to 2020/11/14)

An unofficial patch for KK and KKP that installs the latest fan-made English translations and essential mods. It also fixes many common issues with the game.

It will allow you to load all character cards and scenes and give you countless content creation and gameplay improvements while still keeping the original, uncluttered feel of the game. All content is tested and fixed (or removed) as needed before each update, providing a stable platform for further modding.

Koikatsu can be split into two parts: character and scene creation tools (character maker and Studio), and an adventure game with story mode (it can use your custom characters, but not scenes). You can see preview videos of the game and some of the mods here.

HF Patch does not contain the full game, paid expansions or any other pirated content. You have to buy the game and expansions separately.

The base game (Koikatu / Koikatsu Party), and by extension this patch are not suitable for minors. If you are under 18 years old you can not use this patch. The base game and this patch contain only characters of age 18 or higher. The creator of this patch is not responsible for creations of its users and prohibits any unlawful use of this software.


This download contains the entire HF Patch and can be used offline. You can use qBittorrent or a similar torrent client to open the magnet link.

WARNING: This patch is outdated. Get the latest version here.

  • magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EBC0916A6C66D9E9C0EBDF6F1BF3211E472205DD
    or magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5PAJC2TMM3M6TQHL35XRX4ZBDZDSEBO5
  • Direct download links

Read before installing

Before installing check this installation guide and FAQ.

If you need any help check the wiki first, and if that doesn't help then ask in the #help channel of the Koikatsu Discord server. The #help channel is the fastest way to get help, you can even search it for your issue to see if someone already answered it. There are also chat and card sharing channels on the server!

To keep the download size reasonable, some rarely used and very old content mods are not included. If you have trouble loading characters or scenes, you can download the missing mods by clicking on the Update button in the game's launcher.

You can see the source code here and information about included plugins here.

Solutions to common issues

  • If after installing the patch you have issues running the game, restart your PC and try to install the patch again with default settings.
  • If after installing the patch Studio hangs when loading, start KKManager (it's in a folder in game directory) and click "Look for updates" at the top, then tell it to update the Studio modpack.
  • If you have trouble downloading by using the magnet link, try updating your torrent client or use the latest qBittorrent (it's known to work well).
  • Make sure you downloaded ALL parts to the same folder and that the parts all have the same name. You need ALL parts for the patch to work. If the installer asks you for another disc it means that your download was not extracted correctly and is missing files, or you renamed or removed some of the extracted files.
  • If you see any messages about corrupted files you'll have to re-download the offending part (or all of the parts).  If you downloaded the torrent, most torrent clients can "force recheck" the downloaded files so you don't have to re-download the whole thing.
  • If your antivirus is flagging the .exe file make sure that you've downloaded the patch by following links in this post. If you are sure the download came from the right place, it's most likely a false positive (it's a common issue with non-signed application installers).


This update mostly contains bug fixes to the included plugins and the patch itself. There are also a bunch of new mods added.

Patcher changes

  • Fixed warning about being inside game directory incorrectly appearing if patch is in a similarly named folder
  • Fixed unnecessarily clearing Sideloader Modpack - Animations and losing some zipmods
  • Fully remove Sideloader Modpack - Compatibility Pack since it's now merged into the main modpack

Mods added

  • Accessory Clothes v1.0 (Necessary to load some accessories)
  • Profile v1.0.1 (A textbox in maker to write a character description)
  • MovUrAcc v1.2.0.0 (Allows batch movement of accessories)
  • Coordinate Load Option v20.10.15.0 (Can load only specific parts of outfits)

Mods updated

  • KKManager v0.14.4 (Manage and update mods)
  • Sideloader Modpacks and game updates up to 2020/11/13
  • Experimental performance optimizations (Updated with bugfixes and now off by default)
  • XUnity Resource Redirector v1.1.2 -> v1.1.3 (Modding API)
  • Modding API v1.13.2 -> v1.13.4 (API needed by many plugins)
  • GeBo Modding API v1.0.1 -> v1.0.2 (Modding API necessary for plugins by GeBo)
  • XUnity Auto Translator v4.12.1 -> v4.13.0 (Translation loader)
  • Text Resource Redirector v1.4.2.1 -> v1.4.3.1 (Needed for many translations to load)
  • Translation Helper v0.9.4 -> v1.0 (Extension for AT, needed for some translations)
  • Subtitles v2 -> v2.1 (Maker and H-scene subtitles. Warning: Most of the subs are machine-translated and can be pretty bad in H-scenes)
  • Uncensor Selector v3.10 -> v3.11 (NEEDS Koikatsu Overlay Mods!)
  • Material Editor v2.1.4 -> v2.3.1 (adds advanced material controls to maker and studio)
  • KKABMX (BonemodX) v4.3.1 -> v4.3.4 (More sliders in maker)
  • KK_Pregnancy v2.1.2 -> v2.2.0.1 (Adds pregnancy to gameplay, maker and studio)
  • Invisible Body v1.3.2 -> v1.4 (Hide character body in studio)
  • StudioSceneSettings v1.2.1 -> v1.3 (Adds more effect settings for scenes)
  • KK_AccStateSync v2.9.3 -> v3.0.0.0 (Allows hiding accessories based on clothing state)
  • Character List Optimizations v14.3.2 -> v15.0.0.1 (A collection of important fixes)
  • CharaStateX v1.0.2.153 -> v1.0.2.185 (Can edit state of multiple charas in studio at once)
  • CameraFrameMask v1.0.153 -> v1.0.0.185 (Make loading characters look less glitchy)
  • Dress for Success v1.1.1 -> v1.1.2 (Auto adjust player clothes to match current event)
  • KK_QuickAccessBox v2.2.1 -> v2.3 (Search all studio items, LeftCtrl+Space)
  • Drag and Drop v1.2.1 -> v1.2.2 (Drag cards and scenes from explorer into game window)
  • FK and IK v1.1 -> v1.1.1 (Adds FK & IK mode in studio)
  • Title shortcuts v1.2.0.153 -> v1.2.1.185 (Hotkeys in main menu; can automatically start maker)
  • RealPOV v1.0.2.153 -> v1.0.3.185 (First person view in H Scenes)
  • Eye Shaking v1.1 -> v1.2 (Adds excited eyes effect to H scenes)
  • Koikatu Gameplay Tweaks and Improvements v2.1 -> v2.1.1 (Gameplay tweaks; Load 99 characters in school)
  • WarpToCharacters v1.1 -> v1.1.1 (Easily warp to characters from roster in roaming mode)
  • Pushup v1.2 -> v1.3 (Bras affect breast shape, replaces Kiyase)
  • Graphics Settings v1.1 -> v1.2.1 (More game settings, allows better/worse quality)
  • DefaultParamEditor v1.1.0.153 -> v1.1.1.185 (Set custom default studio settings)
  • Colliders v1.1 -> v1.2 (Add physics to characters)
  • KK_HLightControl v1.2.2 -> v1.2.3 (Gives better control of lighting in H scenes)
  • Item Blacklist v1 -> v1.1 (Allows hiding items from maker lists, right click for options)
  • Item Layer Edit v1.0.0.153 -> v1.0.0.185 (Switch objects between chara and map layers)
  • LockOnPlugin v2.6.0.153 -> v2.6.1.185 (Hotkey to make camera keep focus on character)
  • AdvIKPlugin v0.0.1 -> v1.3.0 (Adds shoulder controls to IK in Studio)
  • Light Manager v1.0.0.153 -> v1.0.0.185 (Studio spotlights can track characters)
  • GamepadSupport v2 -> v2.0.2 (Adds UI support for xinput gamepads and keyboard arrow keys to main game)
  • Cheat Tools v2.7.3 -> v2.8 (Trainer and debugger)

Mods removed

  • KK_ClothesLoadOption v0.2.2 (Replaced by Coordinate Load Option)
  • Studio Coordinate Load Option v20.5.16.0 (Replaced by Coordinate Load Option)
  • UnlockHPositions v1.1.0 (Replaced by Cheat Tools, check plugin settings for option to unlock h positions)

The character in the preview picture was made by Neptune! Check their page if you want to get this character card.

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