EmotionCreators HF Patch v1.0 / エモーションクリエイターズ自動更新

A patch for EmotionCreators with all free updates, all English translations and all high-quality and easy to use mods. It will allow you to load all character cards and scenes and give you many fixes and improvements while still keeping the original, uncluttered and clean feel of the game.

HF Patch can update and repair almost any game installation, including repacks, so consider trying it before you reinstall your broken game or ask for help.


Short video tutorial on how to install the game and HF Patch. 

Downloads / ダウンロード

 Patcher changes / 変更 

  • Ported from KK-HF_Patch

 Mods added / 追加 

  • Patch and free DLC v1.1 by Illusion
  • BepInEx v2018 x64
  • EC_CorePlugins v1.0
  • ECAPI v1.3.1
  • XUnity.AutoTranslator 3.4.0
  • ManlyMarco/EmotionCreatorsTranslation v1.0
  • English Launcher v1.0
  • Uncensor Selector v3.6
  • Uncensor pack 07/05/2019
  • Sideloader Modpack for EmotionCreators 01-5-2019
  • Sideloader Modpack 01-5-2019
  • EC_HairAccessoryCustomizer v1.0
  • ECABMX v3.1
  • EmotionCreators Overlay Mods v4.2.1
  • EC_InvisibleBody v1.2
  • EC_RemoveToRecycleBin v1.0
  • Runtime Unity Editor v1.4

Source code on GitHub 

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