I'm randøm guy, and I'm a guy who likes to make YouTube videos and make people happy. I reside in the Philippines. I make content mostly relating to anime, music and games.

I've decided to make a patreon so I can continue making YouTube videos, not only that but improve the equipment I use to make them because right now, my equipment is really crappy. Not only that too, I wish to help out my family as well.

My content is all around, honestly. I don't stick to one genre. The content I make includes:

Gaming Videos - I play games and just screw around in them. Mashups - I take two or more songs and mix them together. Covers - I sing songs in a very, very, very amazing way. YouTube Cracks/Poops - I edit YouTube videos of other YouTubers and turn them into a hilarious mess. song.anime - You just have to watch to find out.

I hope you all support me in making YouTube videos. I don't ask for that much amount of money, a dollar enough is helpful. <3

The video I'm showing you here is one of my favorite works.

Thank you. I love you all, each and every one of you.

-randøm guy

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