I've been drawing my whole life. It started with little princesses, always people, I loved drawing people, I still do. Every character is me, some part of me that I really can't explain or tell you about, only show through drawings.
I get into this flow, like a bubble, I can draw for hours, but if something interrupts me, that bubble bursts and I can't draw for days.
That is why I rarely finish projects, it's something I need to practise. I've been on this planet for 7 196 days now and I actually know what to do with my life. I know what direction to go for. My only interest, art.

I love vivid colors with dark themes. Expressful and controversial, but with childish features of something. It's very hard to explain. I want people to be happy when they see my artwork, but also affected in a more strange way.

Basic facts about me:
Rosanna's my name
I'm non-binary (so are the alter egos in my drawings)
19 years old (If ya didn't google how many years I was based on the number of days I gave you in previous sentences)

Other accounts/pages:
Instagram: Plasticmeat
Blog: Plasticrat.se
Youtube: search @ Rosanna Draws