Welcome along to our Female DJs London Patreon Page.

As much as the digital world offers infinite possibilities for change, input is work and time. Work and time you are not paid for.

So if anyone believes the DJ industry should be more equal.

Unless you are female and chose the song you are listening to yourself it was likely chosen by a male. Films, adverts, radio playlists, mixes, clubs, bars & most definitely Festivals. Played a game of spot the Female DJ on a Festival Line up recently. What are the effects on songs and lyrics of male only selection, men choosing for us & being the voice of what is best - is that right or okay in 2017?

Our industry is shameful & it belies the principles of inclusivity that clubs were founded on.

We are told things are getting better, take a look at the DJ top 100 and tell me that again. All the highest paid DJs are male.

We would like to change that.

In 2014 we organised the biggest showcase of Female DJs in history, 51 of us over 1 week. In 2015 we took the same principle to radio. 2016 we tried with tv - but boys have a tv show so we got a no. We are ready to relaunch updated site & projects for 2017 Patreons'd be welcome xx