I am going to be ending my vacation starting tomorrow. I'm not really sure if it counted as a vacation as I did process and ship orders even though I said I wouldn't, I still went on business meetings and I still painted and ordered supplies. I just didn't do it for the usual 10-14 hours a day so that is something. Mom's coming back in this week, though she has been sick since before Christmas and can't shake a cough. My patrons are going to be getting FIRST dibs on the DIY Trikky figures I paint AND any sculptures or ornaments I do and I will be providing them with better details on that. We will be making valentines day ornaments this week. I think monthly we are going to try and do a limited edition set. I also have my beautiful scanner now thanks to you guys so I will be posting sketches on here. Also we will be doing some fun things like if you stick with me ALL year, December 31 you will be entered in a raffle for something awesome like an original or something. I'm trying to thank you all for your generous support! I will also be writing a wish list for the year as well as a goal list for art so stay tuned. Happy Sunday everyone!!