First of, thank you for your support.
I would not have any peace of mind working on F*cking Romance files to get ready for launch if it were not for your support giving me that safe financial fall back.

Just letting you know that the special sale is over after April 30th. All prints reward tiers will return to pre-sale before March & April.

Rewards as follow:
$20 donation - Free 5 x 7 postcard.
$25 donation (Outside US) 5 x 7 postcard.

$50- postcard & 8.5 x 11 print
$100- postcard, fridge magnet + 8.5 x 11 print.

HOWEVER, there is a raffle prize for the $5 tier.
I will randomly select 2 people from this tier to win the $100 reward package which includes 1 postcard, fridge magnet and an 8.5 x `11 print!

So if you want to adjust your pledge amount, please do so before May 1 so you don't get charged. 

I want to disclose this so there isn't surprises with your May rewards. ^^ Absolutely ZERO hard feelings when you adjust your amount to $1 or $5 either. (If you don't change amount of course I'm happy LOLOL but I understand, not everyone is made of money. I'm just glad you're supporting at all, any amount.)

I love you, thank you.