🌹Hi My Beautiful People!
Yes, I'm here on Patreon in the hopes that I can continue to give back and pay it forward. Those of you who are familiar with me, know that I do many things. I've devoted a lot of time to my videos and would like to continue to do so.  In order to do that, I need your help.  

In business, I am most passionate about my car business.  I have brought you to auction with me and put out a book on how to start your dealership for only $3K total. Thanks to those of you who encouraged me to do so. 😘


What only a few of you know is that I have several books that i've been working on for YEARS that are not related to my dealership.  I need to free up time to concentrate on these projects, still run my dealership and still bring you all great content while promoting others.

I need to steer away completely from having my content rely on commercial ads.  I'd started to put out videos almost daily and would like to continue to do so at a higher quality level.

Thanks SOOOOO much to all of you who have been with me for all of this time thus far, and thank you in advance for continuing to support me and my efforts and for growing with me.