[hi-quality free sample] Come, look closer!
So, you want to give a closer look, don't you? Here's a new sketch, and here below there are links to download the hi-res versions (.JPG and .PSD). This is my current desktop wallpaper! The hi-res versions of everything I will do via Patreon (and maybe something more) will be available to the supporters on a certain pledge level and above! .JPG full-quality version here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/55y6mz3ep2ama6q/Butterfly_Sketch_July_2014_BIG.jpg .PSD full-quality version here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dz2xxltzmwpipa5/Butterfly_Sketch_July_2014_Final.psd.zip
Tier Benefits
Perso nella Nebbia / Lost in the Fog
$1 or more per month
- accesso allo stream riservato ai patron (tutte le pagine)

- ringraziamento in ogni libro creato con il vostro supporto

- access to patron-only stream (all pages visible)
- "thank you" in every book made with your support

Goditi le zanzare / Enjoy the mosquitoes
$5 or more per month
Come sopra, e in più:

- 10% di sconto sulle commission 

- link al .PDF di ogni capitolo non appena è completo e disponibile (senza DRM!)

Like above, plus:
- 10% discount on commissions
- download link to a .PDF of each chapter as soon as it's complete and available (DRM-free!)

La cappa di afa / Oppressive, muggy weather
$10 or more per month
  Come sopra, e in più:  

- accesso alle pagine ad alta risoluzione, senza testi, per osservare ogni dettaglio.

Like above, plus:
 - access to the hi-res pages, without text over it, to see every little detail.

Campane a martello / Ring the tocsin
$25 or more per month
 Come sopra, e in più: 

- diventa una comparsa. Non temere, non finirai nel centro del merdaio. Sarai un osservatore silenzioso.

Like above, plus:
-  be a recurring background character. Don't worry, you won't be part of the shitstorm. You'll be a silent observer. 

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