hi res panel preview & welcome new backers
hey all. this is going to be the first patreon email for some people so i want to be sure to say - welcome! and thank you. really, honestly, thank you. 

if you're here and pledging on a level that gets you art rewards, notifications about those will go out around the first week of a new month. if you're just pledging to pledge, you'll be getting regular email updates when i'm working on my comic. don't feel obligated to read or comment or anything if you don't want to... but if you do, i really do appreciate feedback. 

the new page is currently up in low res on fames.net, but if you don't want to make an account there the hi-res copy will be on my site on saturday. 

again - thank you to anyone who pledges, new and old. you guys make it a lot easier to survive with a messed up shoulder and a messed up brain in a messed up time. i just hope i can return the favor by entertaining you with drawings and comics.