Hi! (story)...

A massive "Hi!" from the Live in Session Team.  

It's taken us a while to get here.

Back in 2013 one of my graduate students came to me with an idea; a live streaming music platform for musicians to live stream using web cams.   This platform was called 'JustJamIt' and it existed in the days before anyone could stream on YouTube, and long before the days of Facebook Live.  After a very short conversation we decided to do a live stream from the studio -- with one HD web cam and a SD handycam.  Despite the"cobbled-together", lo-fi feel, it worked!!  We continued doing it for three series.

JustJamIt was a great platform and community of musicians, it exisited for about 12 months before YouTube began offering streaming services to musicians and, sadly, for whatever reason JJI died.  So, after just three short series of Live in Session, the show came to an abrupt end ... for a while.

Roll forward into 2014-15 and I'm giving a lecture to degree students on Event Planning, using Live in Session as an example, as part of their class work I asked them to envisage how they would get the show up and running again.  Their excellent answers, and problem solving, led to the relaunch of the show in October 2015 for series 4-8.  Now with presenters and a team of five crew we ran until summer 2016.

This is where it started to get really exciting.  After the summer, we were offered an excellent opportunity to stream the show with Plymouth Herald.  At this point we put the future series on hold whilst we worked on the show, made some adjustments to our team and respec'd some of our equipment.

This month (Febraury) has seen the launch of series IX with some excellent guests including Fly Yeti Fly , Paul Armer , Eveline , Andy Quick , Sarah Yeo  and Jakku Dogs . Check them out and give them a like -- like you, they're part of what keeps Live in Session going.

We've got some great things lined up in 2017 and we're really grateful to have Patrons to help keep the show going.  Your investment in the show will be put to excellent use, doing what we do best, promoting the best original music.