Well folks. It's been an eventful couple weeks.

After close to a year of scopes, scans and tests, my sweet little girl still lacks a diagnosis for some ongoing health issues. I have been through nothing as spiritually taxing as our desperate search for answers. As a parent, it literally sucks the life out of you. And now this week, two new unexpected tests consumed our attention and still leave us in the dark. That said, the next episode of SEAS did not happen.

You'll have to forgive me.

But in other news, I finally got confirmation on a massive illustration contract. This is such an exciting opportunity and blessing for my family. However, it will demand my full schedule over the next few months. While I intend to use some downtime for planning further in SEAS, this does mean things will be on hiatus until at least February.
PATRONS: This means I will be pausing monthly payments until we kick back in gear next year. You will not get charged during this hiatus and you do not need to alter your rewards and such. I will give everyone a head up when we are about to relaunch.

I have had an absolute blast working on this prelude. IN SEAS NOT YET SEEN continues to be a tale I am very excited about chasing.

In the meantime, never stop exploring!