Hey Guys!

So, as you may know if you follow me on twitter, I have been having a bit of a thing with my vision. It's been a struggle for me for a couple years now with countless specialist visits and no good answers. This past Friday I had an appointment with yet another specialist but finally it seems like we're starting to ask the right questions and get back some real answers. The answers are not ones I particularly like but hey, it's better than not knowing, right? Anyway, the upshot of this is that I don't know how the treatments and such are going to affect my YouTubing and streaming. I am definitely going to need to take some lengthy hiatuses (hiatusi?) for recovery and until I can get back to a place where I feel confident that I can post on a regular schedule I'm going to suspend my Patreon. Words cannot even begin to thank you for the support you've shown to me, it really does mean so much! I'll still be posting and streaming for as long as I can until the (eye)ball really starts rolling (oooh, was that a pun??) so I hope to still see you all in the comments section!